A reverse-chronological list of "What's New" in the cemetery, and on this website.

  • 1/16/2017 As is so often the case, I was looking for one thing, and found something else. It is so easy to get off track. George Hayward is buried in Union Cemetery. The only thing on his "people page" was the year that he died. That's all. I was looking for Hanson obits, found his obit. What a sad story.
  • 1/13/2017: In the last few days a relative, Bob Hanson, contacted me. He sent me a wonderful story about the Hansons, and Neils Clausen, and an OBIT about Andrew H Hanson. He has a lot of wonderful information I need to merge into the site. And I can see that I'm going to have to do a lot of work on the "Hanson" vs "Hansen" families. They seem to be mixed up a bit.
  • 1/11/2017: found and added an obit for Cathreine Hanson. Also fixed an error in my databases regarding her death date.
  • 1/8/2017: Added this document: NPS_Preservation_Brief_48_Grave_Markers.pdf from the HRAC on the Projects page, as a document that might be useful for a prospective project.
  • 1/8/2017 - Added a Newspaper review of Simon Knight's Stagecoach trip to Pescadero, and a better photo of the Titus/Hilton advertisment for Blacksmith.
  • 1/2/2017 - Added pictures for Letitia Durham's new marker, and for Elizabeth Phillpot's new marker. Note there is some debate about how Philpott is spelled.
  • 11/26/16 - Added Sarah Wallis Story.
  • 10/21/16 - Added Henry WInkler's Obit. Moved the Calendar to the top of the JoinUs page. Added Abby's Clean and Chat to the calendar. I had previously added an advertisement for the Clean and Chat to the slideshow.
  • 9/17/16 - I added photos and thank you's for the wonderful volunteers who helped cleanup the cemetery on Fall Cleanup Day. You'll find them linked to the "JOINUS" page.
  • 8/15/16 - Added an obit that I found after learning about John Fortney's demise from Helen Graves's notes. You can read it here.
  • 8/11/16 - I'm still going through Helen Graves's papers. I've scanned them all now, but I'm incorporating what she has discovered. She knew about several folks I didn't (from newspaper obits). She knew where to find Layne/Tinney funeral records for other folks. I added them today. Four new people and 8 new L/T photos. And I'm not done.
  • 7/15/16 - I've been madly scanning and incorporating the papers of Helen Graves, one of our original HUCA Board members. You can see SOME of her work on the archives page, under the "Burial Lists" heading. There is a lot of potential information to be researched there.

    I have also just finished going through the list of inmates at the County Hospital (aka the Poor Farm) from the San Mateo County Genealogical Society. I found several new people buried in Union Cemetery and added them. I also found information on about 8 others ( profession, etc), and linked it in.

  • 6/29/16 - Started adding information from Helen Graves's research papers. They are listed on the Archives page under "Documents re: Formation of Union Cemetery" and "Burial Lists". Check out this one!
  • I stumbled upon A list of inmates in the County Poor Farm, and realized some of them were buried in Union Cemetery. I am adding the listing to the website, and thank Cath Madden Trindle and the San Mateo County Genealogical Society for researching and creating this list. I will be going through it and linking information from it into the People in the Union Cemetery website.
  • 6/26/16 Added a couple of short newspaper items about William Tate Fhilpott, Elizabeth's husband. Note that Philpott is spelled at least 3 different ways, depending which old resource you look at : Philpot, Phillpot, or Philpott. I tallied all the different references I could find and settled on the winner, "Philpott". Elizabeth apparently tutored the Martinez Children, and in turn, she received land on Portola Road, which later became the "Alpine Inn", or "Rosotti's", or "Zotts". Willliam Tate ran the saloon there for approx 4 years.
  • 6/16/16: Added 3 picture of 's Lizzie's Marker. I had seen this wooden marker in the windmill but never realized there was writing on it with just the right light. Jim Munro showed me one of his photos and you could clearly see the 'Y'. Thanks Jim! The marker was read in 1937 so we have an idea what it said back then, when it could more easily be read.
  • 6/2/16: Added a page of photos for the Memorial Day 2016. Thanks to all who participated, and if you came, I hope you liked it. You can view it from the "Join Us" tab.
  • 4/23/16: Added a page and pictures about the cleanup day today. You can view it from the "Join Us" Tab.
  • 4/18/16: Linked maybe 30 new pictures to people, and maybe 20 "Family" pdfs to people. My favorite is the Unknown Person called Napoleon Bonapart. He's a little difficult to search for.. his page is HERE. You will have to click on the story twice to get it big enough to read.
  • 4/4/16: Created a 2016 Memorial Day page, reachable from the "JoinUs" page.
  • 3/30/16: meeting with HRAC in the cemetery, we finally have 2 approved Eagle Scout Projects available in the cemetery - See the "JoinUs page".
  • 2/23/16: I finally found the newspaper article describing the outcome of the Sampson vs Hughes Mill fire court case. I've posted it to the people pages of the Sampson Brothers, and William Hughes's pages. There is a surprise ending, and it didn't turn out well for the Sampsons. It left them (and their familys) pretty much broke. You can find the two pages: HERE.
  • 1/8/16: For the past few months I have been scanning Jim Munro's papers about the families in the Cemetery. He has done SO MUCH RESEARCH! Today I have posted for people up to last name starting with 'D'. You will find Jim's info on each individual Person's page. An example is here . Look for FAMILY INFO: on the left, and click on the blue filename.
  • George Fromhertz - Robbery attempt
  • 11/12/15: Added links to the official rules for projects in the cemetery to the JoinUs/Projects page.
  • 11/11/15: Added A colorful description about a trial in 1873 regarding someone in the cemetery with very little info: James Greer. My transation: "feeler" is "fist", "peeper" is eye (as in black eye), "demoralization" seems to be getting witnesses drunk.
  • 10/22/15: Added pictures and a very brief summary of the HUCA 2015 Annual Meeting.
  • 10/10/15: Added yet more obits and one pic of Simon Knight's headstone with this year's flowers..
  • 10/9/15: Added some new obits/stories..
  • 9/21/2015: New Page: FALL CLEANUP 2015
  • 9/21/2015: Added this "What's New" page

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