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Would you like to learn about some of Redwood City’s first families? Are you a rose fancier? What critical part did California play in the American Civil War? To find out more, (and lots of other interesting things) come to our next tour in the Historic Union Cemetery.
  • See the schedule posted on the "JoinUs" tab for this year's tour dates.
  • We do sometimes give group and private tours. (email below)

Some Possible Tours:

Below is a list of some of the possible tours we give in Union Cemetery. If one particularly interests you, email me to make sure we will be prepared to give your tour on one of our regularly scheduled tour days. NOTE: if you have an idea for a tour that is not listed below, let me know. (email below)
  • Remarkable Markers
  • Scoundrels!
  • All the saloon keepers :)
  • Mothers
  • Murdered!
  • Tree Walk
  • Redwood City & San Mateo County History
  • Names still used in Redwood City
  • People named after Famous People
  • Compelling Stories
  • Symbology on Markers in Union Cemetery

Coming Soon:

We are in the process of placing small "QR" codes next to some of the headstones in the cemetery. You will be able to use your smart phone, and a barcode or QR code reader, to link to information about the person buried there. NOTE: as of 8/1/14, there are approx 30 "QR" codes next to headstones. We will see how they hold up, and if they are still good in a year or so, we will add more.

Group Tours:

Contact Ellen to arrange Group Tours.
   email: ellen @ HistoricUnionCemetery.com (Remove the spaces before and after the '@').

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