The Pioneer Society of San Mateo County

A group of San Mateo County's pioneer citizes met to organize in April, 1889. Their Constitution and By Laws were drawn up with reat formality, patterning the organization after that of t he ioneer Society of California. Eligibility for "First Class" membership was limited to "males who were residents of the territory no comprised within the limits of the County of San Mateo on or prior to the 19th day of April, A.D. 1856 and their wives." To be admitted as "Second Class" members were descendants of the first class," and later a "Third Class" was added, "composed of those women who are actually pioneers by virtue of an early residence but not so by beingwieves of pioneers." Dues were twenty five cents a month.

The society kept up activities for about five years, consisting mainly of business sessions and old settlers picnics. Applications for membership were referred to a committee which investigated each candidate's eligibility, and on favorable report, he was voted in. Why the society died is not altogether clear from the records. There were some difficulties in paying expenses and collecting dues, but this does not seem to have been a serious matter. One obvious reason is that the "First "Class" members were getting on in years and finding it difficult to turn out for meetings - - especially those who lived at a considerable horse-and-buggy distance from Redwood City, and the sons of pioneers did not seem to show great interest in becoming "second class" members.

The records, all in their iron box bearing the Society's name and used by the Society itself, are in the County Historical Museum. In the box are the minutes book and other notes, admission forms, badges, and other paraphernalia, together with the list of members.

-- from LA PENINSULA magazine, May, 1967.

Union Cemetery's Members

Below is a list of the Pioneers buried in Union Cemetery.

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