Lind, Charles M Fritz

BORN IN: Denmark
DIED: 11/8/1899
AGED: 55
CAUSE OF DEATH: Strangulation by hanging

RESIDENCE: near LaHonda

Buried in plot: S153 [View Location]
Plot S153 is the 'DRUIDS (REDWOOD CITY)' Plot


  • 1845 Texas annexed into U.S.
  • 1846 Mexican-American War
  • 1849 California Gold Rush
  • 1850 California became the 31st State
  • 1860 The Pony Express
  • 1861 Abraham Lincoln elected President
  • 1861 American Civil War
  • 1865 Abraham Lincoln assassinated
  • 1866 Ku Klux Klan
  • 1869 National Woman Suffrage Assoc.
  • 1871 The Great Chicago Fire
  • 1876 Telephones (Alexander Graham Bell)
  • 1876 Baseball's National League
  • 1877 Phonograph (Thomas Edison)
  • 1879 Light Bulb (Thomas Edison)

OBITUARY ---------------


In a barn near the old Weeks mill at La Honda the body of Charles Lind, the itinerant harnessmaker, was found hanging from the rafter Thursday by A. Basett. The Coroner’s office was at once notified and Deputy Coroner Claude Fox brought the body of the suicide to town that evening. Mr. Fox was assisted by O. Woodhams.

From the decomposed state of the remains it is evident Lind had hung himself a week before he was discovered. An ordinary baling rope was used to do the job. One end of the rope was tied to one of the rafters and the other end was placed around his neck, and thus suspended, Lind slowly strangled himself, the tips of his shoes resting on lie ground. On the first leaf of a memorandum book found on the body was written the following: “November 6, 1899 - I owe to Dalve $26; I owe P. Mathiesen something in the neighborhood of $15. My effects are in H. S. Neilson’s hands at Glenwood Valley farm and I wish the enclosed letter mailed to him. My head is in a whirl and am on my way to him, but am afraid I am going too crazy too fast to reach him. C. M Lind” The letter referred to is dated November 8th and it must have been that day he committed suicide. Lind was a native of Denmark, aged about 56 years and was well known at La Honda and in this city. A receipt was found in his clothing showing that he was recently reinstated in the Ancient Order of Druids. The remains were interred in the Druid’s plot in Union Cemetery yesterday.

Plot 153S

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